Red Spot Cardinal
Red Spot Cardinal (1)


Red Spot Cardinal (egg)

 Unlocked at

Level 2   


15 Coins   

 Purchase XP

4 XP Icon   

 Junior Sell

38 Coins   

 Junior Sell XP

12 XP Icon   

 Growth Period

15 minutes   

 Adult Sell

152 Coins   

 Adult Sell XP

48 XP Icon   

 Adult Age

1 hour   

The Red Spot Cardinal is a fish available in FishVille at level 2, costing a player 15 Coins and giving 4 XP Icon. A Red Sport Cardinal is a Fast Fish and takes 15 minutes to grow to its next stage of maturity, meaning that constant attention must be paid if it is not to die. Once adult, the fish will sell for 152 Coins and 48 XP Icon. ===Streeedsdd Fast Fish Button

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