Longnose Butterfly
Longnose Butterfly (1)


Longnose Butterfly (egg)

 Unlocked at

Level 7   


99 Coins   

 Purchase XP

35 XP Icon   

 Junior Sell

264 Coins   

 Junior Sell XP

315 XP Icon   

 Growth Period

1 day*   

 Adult Sell

1056 Coins   

 Adult Sell XP

1260 XP Icon   

 Adult Age

4 days*   

The Longnose Butterfly is a fish available in FishVille. It can be purchased from the store at a cost of 99 Coins, giving 35 XP Icon. The fish takes 30 hours to grow one maturity level and, once adult, will sell for 1056 Coins and 1260 XP Icon. ===Streeedsdd

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The growth time of the Longnose Butterfly was originally displayed as 1.3 days, but was recently changed to 1 day. Based on the "Feed in..." duration of 2 days and 11 hours (possibly 2 days, 11 hours and 59 minutes), the growth time can be estimated at 1.25 days, or 30 hours. The interval between each 0.1% of growth has been measured at exactly 1 minute and 48 seconds (or 1.8 minutes), which confirms the hypothesized growth time of 30 hours.