Hawaiian Hogfish
Hawaiian Hogfish (1)


Hawaiian Hogfish (egg)

 Unlocked at

Level 1   


48 Coins   

 Purchase XP

17 XP Icon   

 Junior Sell

120 Coins   

 Junior Sell XP

153 XP Icon   

 Growth Period

12 hours   

 Adult Sell

480 Coins   

 Adult Sell XP

612 XP Icon   

 Adult Age

2 days   

The Hawaiian Hogfish is a fish available in FishVille. It can be bought from the store at a cost of 48 Coins and will give the player 17 XP Icon. To grow one level, the Hawaiian Hogfish will take 12 hours and, once adult, will sell for 480 Coins and 612 XP Icon. ===Streeedsdd

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