Environments are floors and wallpapers for a player's tank to improve the look of the tank. When a tank is created, the player may choose any of the basic environments for free. If the wish, a player may purchase new environments from the store for coins or Sand Dollars. Once bought, these can be used by the player at any time.

Wallpapers Edit

Moon (mini) Blue Coral (mini) Green Coral (mini) Red Coral (mini) Coral Steps (mini) Polynesia (mini) Sea Cliff (mini) Chasm (mini) Castle (mini) Beach (mini) Coastal Sunset (mini) Sea Cave (mini) Ring In 2010 (mini) Snowy House (mini) Atlantis (mini) Zen Garden (mini) Ancient Ridge (mini) Easter Island (mini) Pier (mini) Tropical (mini) Times Square Ball (mini) Chinese Garden (mini) City Sunset (mini) Pirate Shipwreck (mini) Inspiration Point Gravel (mini) Snowman (mini) Inspiration Point (mini) Snow Angel (mini) Pirate Shipwreck (mini) Winter Coral (mini)

Floors Edit

Moon Gravel (mini) Red Natural (mini) Garden Pathway (mini) Red Pebble Mix (mini) Zen Garden Sand (mini) Brown Sand (mini) Pink Gravel (mini) Aqua Pebbles (mini) Blue China Mix (mini) Beach Sand (mini) Lover's Lane (mini) Coastal Sunset Sand (mini) Fine Red Sand (mini) Tuscan Gravel (mini) Orange Malaysian (mini) Fine Yellow Sand (mini) Blue Pebbles (mini) Natural Gravel (mini) Inspiration Point Gravel (mini) Black Standard (mini) Blue Snow (mini) Purple Gravel (mini) Brown Gravel (mini) Luminous Rocks (mini) Snowy Gravel (mini) Garden Pathway (mini) Fine Violet Sand (mini)