As you play FishVille, you may gain awards along the way. Awards come with various rewards, including Sand Dollar, Coins, and XP Icon. There are five levels of awards:

Bronze Clam Silver Clam Gold Clam Platinum Clam Diamond Clam
Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond

Awards Edit

Name Description
Liquid Assets Hold onto "x" coins (Based on current amount of coins)
Spendville Spend "x" coins at the market (May be bugged; does not seem to work with fish or aquarium purchases)
Fishville Farmer Sell "x" fish (Based on total number of fish sold)
Decollector Have "x" decorations in your tanks
Fish School Raise schools of fish at the same time (This award was removed shortly after release of awards)
Pond Gardener Have "x" plants in your tanks
Fish Lover Love your fish "x" times
Spotless Scrub "x" amount of algae
The Hand that Feeds Feed "x" hungry fish
Builder of Tanks Build "x" fish tanks
Tanks a Lot! Help your friends' tanks "x" times
Food for Friends Feed "x" of your friends' hungry fish